Morro Bay Airgunners/SLSBA

Airgun Silhouette Match Results 03/01/2015

1Pacheco, Vinceairgun15/40
2Hull, Scottairgun14/40
3Baldwin, Williamairgun8/40
4Bergquist, Johnairgun7/40
5Sloan, Bobairgun4/40
6Eannetta, Terryairgun3/40

Thunder/lightning/rain scheduled for later in the day but we had good weather in the morning. I arrived a little before 8am. A few airgunners were already there so we setup the targets and I mowed the lanes. Next time, I'll mow behind the targets as well. Those little chickens go flying when hit and are hard to find in the long grass. Bob raked the area after the match and recovered them all. Vince Pacheco had the high score amongst the field of six airgun shooters with 15/40.

The firing line:

We run concurrently with the Smallbore competition: