Morro Bay Airgunners/SLSBA

Central Coast Field Target
Match Results 12/20/2015

1Knapp, JohnHunterAir Arms TX200Hawke 3-12x50JSB 8.44gr41/5278.9%
2 - tieCarmello, JeffHunterDiana 54CenterPoint 4-16x40AA 8.44gr39/5275.0%
2 - tiePoh, JimWFTFAir Arms TX200Bushnell 8-32xJSB 7.87gr39/5275.0%

1Lu, SonOpenSteyr LG-110Sightron 10-50x60JSB 10.34gr48/5292.3%
2Bergquist, JohnFreestyleCrosman ChallengerNikko 10-50xJSB 10.34gr45/5286.5%
3Pacheco, VinceFreestyleAir Arms EV2Sightron 10-50x60JSB 8.44gr44/5284.6%
4Hull, ScottHunterBenjamin MarauderUTG 3-12x44CPH 10.5gr42/5280.8%
5Eannetta, TerryFreestyleBenjamin MarauderUTG 3-12x44JSB 8.44gr35/5267.3%
6Smith LonnieHunterUSFT HunterAeon 3-12x50JSB 10.34gr33/5263.5%
7Hull, Alan HaroldWFTFBenjamin DiscoveryUTG 6-24x50CPL 7.9gr32/5261.5%
8Cano, AnthonyWFTFBenjamin DiscoveryUTG 6-24x50CPL 7.9gr16/5230.8%

Match director: Scott Hull

We had 11 competitors show up (3 Piston and 8 Pre-charge) at the Morro Bay Airgunners last match for 2015. We had overcast skies early on. Temperatures were mostly in the 50's, with almost no wind for the first 2/3rds of the match. It was a little muddy from rain on the previous day. We set a 52 shot course. Alan brought his friend Anthony who was a first time field target shooter. The good shooting weather made for some good scores. John Knapp was the high scoring piston shooter with a very good 78.9% hit rate. Jeff and Jim were close behind. Son Lu had the high Pre-charge score as well as the match high score, with a 92.3% hit rate. John Bergquist finished second overall. He was clean until the last three lanes. He reached the last far lane just as the wind picked up, and he still had to do the long march back to finish on the offhand and kneeling lanes. Vince Pacheco was third overall, one point behind John.

The course was set with Gamo targets all incorporating ball joint linkages. They seemed to work well. Tripping and resetting without the usual rattle sound.

The gang:

Course chart:

John B:


Son Lu:




Alan, after a miss: