Morro Bay Airgunners/SLSBA
2018 West Coast WFTF Trials
AAFTA GP Points Match

Results/Match Report/Pictures

Overall Rifle
PlaceNameDivisionClassRifleScopePelletDay 1Day 2Score
1Hawe, KellyOpenPre-chargeDaystate CR97BSA 10-50x60JSB 10.34gr@880fps414384/100
1Schneider, ScottHunterPre-chargeRAW TM-1000---JSB 13.6gr@790fps404484/100
3Culbertson, MichaelHunterPre-chargeUSFT---JSB 13.7gr@795fps404181/100
4Knapp, JohnHunterPre-chargeRAW TM1000Hawke 8-32x56JSB 10.34gr@880fps374178/100
5Cyran, JimHunterPre-chargeTheoben MFRS&B 5-25x56JSB 13.6gr@800fps393776/100
6Eannetta, TerryOpenPre-chargeBenjamin MarauderSightron SIIIJSB 10.34gr@890fps363975/100
7Hull, ScottOpenPistonSAG QB58Monstrum 6-24x50H&N 8.5gr@785fps333871/100
7Kerndt, JessicaOpenPre-chargeSteyrTac Vector 10-40x56---323971/100
9Kerndt, CameronWFTFPistonWeihrauch HW97KTHawke 10-50x60H&N 8.64@780fps353570/100
9Padilla, AlHunterPre-chargeAir Arms S500Aeon 6-24x50JSB 10.34gr@880fps373370/100
9Wyse, DanaOpenPre-chargeThomas CarbineLeupold 40xJSB 13.4gr@810fps363470/100
12Biergiel, FredHunterPre-chargeDaystate Mark IVHawke 4-16x50JSB 10.34gr@870fps363369/100
13Durham, LarryFreestylePre-chargeUSFTAthlon 6-24x50CPH 10.5gr@880fps303767/100
13Kidd, RobertWFTFPistonWeihrauch HW97Sightron SIIIJSB 8.4g@777fps323567/100
15Mizer, JamesHunterPre-chargeDaystate Wolverine 2Hawke 4-16x50AA 10.3gr@875fps333265/100
16Gittleman, MartinHunterPre-chargeDaystate Huntsman Regal XLHawkeAA 10.34gr@904fps293362/100
17Ebersole, RandyWFTFPre-chargeThomasHakko 10-50x56AA 8.4gr@800fps302959/100
18Pacheco, VinceOpenPistonWalther LGUNikko 10-50x60AA 8.4gr@780fps273158/100
19Sumner, JacobHunterPistonWeihrauch HW97KVortex Viper 4-12x40AA 7.87@810fps253156/100
20English, ScottFreestylePre-chargeHamerli PnuemaHawke 8-32x56JSB 13.43gr-4040/50
20Taylor, DarrenHunterPistonB40/TX200HawkeH&N 8.64gr@890152540/100
22Jobbes, RonOpenPiston/PCPWiscombe/DaystateBushnell/Nightforce---172138/100
22LaPointe, JohnHunterPre-chargeCZ200------38-38/50
24Hull, Alan HaroldOpenPistonWalther LGU------142337/100
25Bergquist, JohnOpenPre-chargeRAW TM1000---JSB 10.34gr-3333/50
26Ebersole, ScottFreestylePre-chargeBenjamin Marauder---JSB 15.89@750fps22-22/50
27Webb, DanaFreestylePre-chargeLD pistol/carbine-------1515/50

AAFTA Awards - Consolidated Pistol
1Kerndt, CameronLimitedCustom QB79 "pifle"Hawke 10-50x60H&N 8.64@780fps35/40
2Hull, ScottLimitedCustom Marauder PistolUTG 3-12x44AA 10.3gr@720fps34/40
3Ebersole, RandyHunterCrosman 1720T------29/40
4Schneider, ScottHunterCustom BSA "pifle"---H&N 8.5gr28/40
4Wyse, DanaHunterThomas pistol/carbineUTG 3-12x44JSB 8.44gr28/40
6Eannetta, TerryHunterCrosman 1720TMTC Connect 12xAA 7.33gr25/40
7Kerndt, JessicaHunterCrosman 1720THawke 3-12x50---24/40
8Knapp, JohnHunterCrosman 1720TUTG 3-12x44JSB 8.44gr20/40
9Taylor, DarrenHunterCrosman 1720T------16/40

AAFTA Awards - Hunter
PlaceNameDivisionClassRifleScopePelletDay 1Day 2Score
1Schneider, ScottHunterPre-chargeRAW TM-1000---JSB 13.6gr@790fps404484/100
2Culbertson, MichaelHunterPre-chargeUSFT---JSB 13.7gr@795fps404181/100
3Knapp, JohnHunterPre-chargeRAW TM1000Hawke 8-32x56JSB 10.34gr@880fps374178/100
4Cyran, JimHunterPre-chargeTheoben MFRS&B 5-25x56JSB 13.6gr@800fps393776/100
5Padilla, AlHunterPre-chargeAir Arms S500Aeon 6-24x50JSB 10.34gr@880fps373370/100
6Biergiel, FredHunterPre-chargeDaystate Mark IVHawke 4-16x50JSB 10.34gr@870fps363369/100
7Mizer, JamesHunterPre-chargeDaystate Wolverine 2Hawke 4-16x50AA 10.3gr@875fps333265/100
8Gittleman, MartinHunterPre-chargeDaystate Huntsman Regal XLHawkeAA 10.34gr@904fps293362/100
9LaPointe, JohnHunterPre-chargeCZ200------38-38/50

AAFTA Awards - Consolidated Piston
PlaceNameDivisionClassRifleScopePelletDay 1Day 2Score
1Hull, ScottOpenPistonSAG QB58Monstrum 6-24x50H&N 8.5gr@785fps333871/100
2Kerndt, CameronWFTFPistonWeihrauch HW97KTHawke 10-50x60H&N 8.64@780fps353570/100
3Kidd, RobertWFTFPistonWeihrauch HW97Sightron SIIIJSB 8.4g@777fps323567/100
4Pacheco, VinceOpenPistonWalther LGUNikko 10-50x60AA 8.4gr@780fps273158/100
5Sumner, JacobHunterPistonWeihrauch HW97KVortex Viper 4-12x40AA 7.87@810fps253156/100
6Taylor, DarrenHunterPistonB40/TX200HawkeH&N 8.64gr@890152540/100
7Hull, Alan HaroldOpenPistonWalther LGU------142337/100

AAFTA Awards - Consolidated PCP
PlaceNameDivisionClassRifleScopePelletDay 1Day 2Score
1Hawe, KellyOpenPre-chargeDaystate CR97BSA 10-50x60JSB 10.34gr@880fps414384/100
2Eannetta, TerryOpenPre-chargeBenjamin MarauderSightron SIIIJSB 10.34gr@890fps363975/100
3Kerndt, JessicaOpenPre-chargeSteyrTac Vector 10-40x56---323971/100
4Wyse, DanaOpenPre-chargeThomas CarbineLeupold 40xJSB 13.4gr@810fps363470/100
5Ebersole, RandyWFTFPre-chargeThomasHakko 10-50x56AA 8.4gr@800fps302959/100
6Jobbes, RonOpenPiston/PCPWiscombe/DaystateBushnell/Nightforce---172138/100
7Bergquist, JohnOpenPre-chargeRAW TM1000---JSB 10.34gr-3333/50

The Morro Bay Airgunners held their 2018 AAFTA GP Field Target match over the 3rd August weekend. We did something different this year. The course was set to strict WFTF standards (as well as AAFTA standards). It's reported that the 2021 World WFTF match is likely to be held in the USA, so we decided to join in the push to get people familiar with that type of course. One USA shooter (Cameron Kerndt) chose to shoot it as a warm up match just prior to leaving for Poland - Good luck Cameron!

The rifle course had been planned well in advance with care to adhere to the min/max AAFTA allowances as well as the WFTF requirements. The course would be 25 lanes and 50 targets each day, with one shot per target. Of the 50 targets, WFTF allows only 12 reducers. We typically use reducers to push up the course difficulty to the required AAFTA minimum. With over 70% full sized targets, we would be pushing out the distance on more of the full size targets. Most of the new lanes were set in the open (windy!) part of the range. I knew that even with the minimum allowed 28T difficulty, the prevailing winds would make for a very difficult course. The targets were all bench tested and adjusted to go down with 3fpe. The low bench value provides for some functional leeway for targets that would be subjected to 3 days of pellet pounding. Any protests of target function during the match would be addressed immediately with a 4.5fpe test.

The weather prediction for the weekend was perfect for three days. Sunny with temperatures in the high 60's and low 70's.

A pistol match was held Friday as a good break in to the windy areas. We set the pistol match at near the maximum allowed difficulty. The course of fire was all flat with the only environmental difficulties being the wind. We had nine pistol competitors (2 Limited and 7 Hunter) show up on Friday afternoon. The match went without a hitch with Cameron Kerndt winning with a 35/40 score. I was close behind with 34/40 and Randy Ebersole was 3rd with 29/40.

The Saturday portion of the rifle match was indeed challenging with winds a little greater than typical for us. The first 10 lanes in the open plain were especially difficult, with left, right, head, and sometimes even tail winds. Kelly Hawe ended day 1 with a 41/50 to lead the field. Michael Culbertson and Scott Schneider were at 40/50 to lead the Hunter Division. And Cameron Kerndt was at 35/40 to lead the Piston Class.

For Sunday, all targets were repainted, and half of them were moved to vary the distances. The winds were lighter than the previous day but still plenty challenging. Shooters were squaded with someone in the same class with the closest score. I started the day down by two points on Cameron but caught him soon after we entered the open (windy) lanes. For the majority of the match we were mostly even with each of us looking for opportunities to capitalize on any of the others misses. With only three lanes to go, Cameron missed a far target that I got with some luck. We both missed a couple more on the last three lanes but I held on to the one point lead for the Piston win. Kelly Hawe held the lead in the PCP class for the win, and Scott Schneider did the same in Hunter.

Some details about the match: We had a few cold lines. Two or three from snagged strings. And three of four from target protests. A requirement for a WFTF match you don't pull protested targets after the match is over. You deal with them on the spot. That is something that we already do at our matches. All of the targets passed the protests and remained in the match. One of the protests was called on the first shot of day one. Course marshal Alan was going toward the problem lane. I was surprised to hear the protest on a fresh target since the targets were all tested/adjusted /retested prior to the match. I ran a few possible scenarios through my mind and decided to check it out as well. There was indeed a single pellet mark dead center on the otherwise clean paddle. But the target was easily passing the test with the target checker. We were a little too focused on the pellet hit. The target had a full size kill-zone. I scanned the clean flat black face-plate and saw a gray half moon shaped pellet hit at 6 o'clock on the face-plate. It was a great example where a target looked like a direct hit did not take it down. But the target functioned as it should by resisting the split shot.

I planned the one shot per target match and announced to everyone just 20 minutes earlier at the shooters meeting, that there would be one shot per target. I am so ingrained with two shots per target that I proceeded to shoot the first target twice on two lanes. I had lost two points before my third lane and had not missed a target yet. I know of at least one other person (Cameron) that shot a target twice and lost a point. Hopefully, this match got him well accustomed to one shot per target.

I appreciated the help setting up the course and especially the fast and orderly take down by 5 or 6 volunteers.

All-in-all, a successful match.