Morro Bay Airgunners/SLSBA

Central Coast Field Target
Match Results 07/21/2013

1Alan HullHunter/PCPMarauderUTG 3-12x44CPH 10.5g43/4889.6%
2Scott HullHunter/PistonQB58UTG 3-12x44JSB 7.87gr30/4862.5%
3William BaldwinHunter/PistonTX200UTG 3-12x44Barracuda Match 10.65gr17/4838.6%

Match Director: Scott Hull

Moderate 72 dgs and sunny with 3-12mph wind.

This was the first time that I actually got a chance to shoot on our course. We had three competitors who came out and enjoyed a leisurely 48 shot match. Alan shot a great score and a PR with my borrowed Marauder. William and I both shot respectable Hunter/Piston scores considering this is not a springer friendly course. There are plenty of 50+ yard shots and quartering winds that shift between left and right.

Sighting in at the silhouette range:

Standing lane:

William shooting:

alan shooting prone: