Morro Bay Airgunners/SLSBA

Central Coast Field Target
Match Results 07/20/2014

PCP Class
1Hull, Alan HaroldHunterBenjamin MarauderUTG 3-12x44CPH 10.5gr35/4872.9%
2Pacheco, VinceHunterAA SM-100UTG 3-12x44JSB 10.34gr30/4862.5%
3Pittman, AdamHunterCrosman 1720THawke 6-24x44AA 10.34gr25/4852.1%
4Eminger, KeithHunterBenjamin MarauderUTG 4-16x44H&N FTT 14.3gr21/4843.8%
5Bergquist, JohnHunterCrosman ChallengerHawke 8-32x56JSB 10.34gr14/4829.2%

Piston Class
1Hull, ScottHunterDiana 54UTG 3-12x44JSB 10.34gr31/4864.6%
2Biergiel, FredHunterAA TX200Hawke 3-12x50CPL 7.9gr29/4860.4%
3Gardner, GeorgeOpenTheoben EvolutionBushnell 4-16xJSB 8.44gr22/4845.8%
4Baldwin, WilliamHunterCrosman DuskUTG 4-16xH&N 10.65gr13/4827.1%
5Street, DaveHunterCrosman DuskUTG 4-16xH&N 10.65gr12/4825.0%

Match director: Scott Hull

This was our last match before we host the Western States Grand Prix match next month. I took this opportunity to test out the type/difficulty of course that we plan on having next month. We have decided that all targets will be visible from all positions, from lowest to highest with no obstructions. We trimmed some of my favorite bushes, bypassed one lane, and raised the target on another. After shooting the course today, I discovered that we still need to do a little more trimming and raise one target a little more (I could not see the whole target from my lowest prone position). For the AAFTA Grand Prix courses, we will also limit the base target difficulty for any individual target to T48 maximum.

I decided on a 30/30 layout. That meant T30 average without windy/light/dark/up/down considerations. And, an average distance of 30 yards. If the winds are not too high, that would make for a good GP course at our range. I was hoping to see some high scores today - no dice.

Today's course difficulty rating:

Winds were predicted to be a little higher than average today, but they kicked up earlier and harder than was even predicted. The first couple of lanes I shot, things were looking good in the 3-6mph range. Winds ended up mostly in the 8-16mph range near noon. The long targets were especially tough. We put one of the special 2 inch KZ targets on lane 15 as that lane gets the full wind value (no brush or grass shielding it). It required that you be brave on your holdoff. It got 2 hits. One from Alan and one from Vince. At the Western States match, if the winds are low, the scores will be high. If the winds are high, the scores will be low.

I set what I thought were some very easy positional shots on lanes 1 and 2. Even those shots were tough:

We had a good turnout today. Vince's friend, George Gardner was visiting from Idaho and shot the match. William brought a new field target shooter, Dave Street. Fred Biergiel was vacationing in nearby Pismo Beach, and he made the match. Adam Pittman was down from Northern California. And, we had our regular turnout of Morro Bay Airgunners. Those that shot the match got some good wind practice in preparation the Western States match.



Alan scoring, John shooting:



William and Dave enjoying the day:


Alan shooting down a freshly trimmed lane:

George on the kneeling lane: