Morro Bay Airgunners/SLSBA

Central Coast Field Target
Match Results 06/17/2018

Handicap Match
1English, ScottHamerli PneumaHawke 8-32x56JSB 13.4gr41/4885.4%+647
1Knapp, JohnRAW TM1000Hawke 8-32x56JSB 10.34gr41/4885.4%+647
3Eannetta, TerryBenjamin MarauderSightron 10-50x60AA 10.3gr41/4885.4%+344
4Pacheco, VinceUSFTAEON 8-32x56JSB 8.44gr36/4875.0%+642
5Hull, ScottUmarex GauntletMonstrum 6-24x50H&N 8.5gr33/4868.7%+740
6Hull, Alan HaroldSAG QB58Monstrum 6-24x50H&N 8.5gr29/4860.4%+938
7Bergquist, JohnRAW TM1000Sightron 10-50x60JSB 10.3gr29/4860.4%+433
8Baldwin, WilliamAir Arms TX200UTG 4-16x44H&N 10.65gr18/4837.5%+624

We had 8 competitors for our Father's Day FT Handicap fun match. The weather was cool and pleasant, but we had to contend with a variety of biting insects (fleas/mites/ticks) that were out in force.

The "handicap" was to assign some initial bonus points to each competitor, based on their choice of equipment. Those points were added to their knockdown talley to determine the wining scores:

+1 [__] no laser range finder
+1 [__] piston gun
+1 [__] 12fpe or less
+1 [__] scope at 16x or less
+1 [__] no monopod/bipod/tripod or sticks
+1 [__] no harness
+1 [__] no shooting jacket
+1 [__] seat 6 or less
+1 [__] no riser
+1 [__] no butt-hook or thigh-pod
_____ total bonus points

In the end, we had a three way tie of the raw scores. John K, Scott E, and Terry E. John and Scott each had 6 bonus points while Terry had only 3. Leaving a 2 way tie for first. Outside of that, the bonus point did little to affect the overall rankings.