Morro Bay Airgunners/SLSBA

Central Coast Field Target
Match Results 04/20/2014

PCP Class
1Burciaga, ArtFreestyleRAW TM1000UTG 4-16x56AA 10.34gr44/4891.7%
2Hull, AlanHunterBenjamin MarauderUTG 3-12x44CPH 10.5gr44/4891.7%
3Cyran, JimHunterUSFT #98Hawke 4.5-14x42CPH 10.5gr38/4879.2%
4Pacheco, VinceOpenAA TM-100BSA 10-50JSB 7.87gr38/4879.2%
5Eminger, KeithHunterBenjamin MarauderUTG 4-16x44H&N FTT 14.3gr26/4854.2%
6Bergquist, JohnFreestyleCrosman ChallengerUTG 6-24x56JSB 8.44gr25/4852.1%
7Nuckols, AxelHunterBenjamin MarauderUTG 3-12x44CPH 10.5gr21/4843.8%
8Nuckols, TyHunterBenjamin DiscoveryUTG 3-12x44CPH 10.5gr15/4831.3%

Piston Class
1Hull, ScottHunterDiana 54UTG 3-12x44JSB 8.44gr40/4883.3%
2Carmello, JeffHunterDiana 54CTRpoint 4-16x40JSB 10.34gr28/4858.3%

Match director: Scott Hull
Assistant match director: Alan Hull

Easter Sunday happened to be the date of the Morro Bay Airgunner's Anniversary Field Target Match. We held our first match one year ago in April. April is the real start of Spring in our area with hills that are still green and the night temps becoming bearable for camping. Alan and I along with a few visiting competitors set up camp on Saturday night. We set the course and then opened the site-in range for practice. The weekend was mostly about socializing, eating and drinking. We did some actual shooting as well.

Beautiful weather in the 70-80's with only a light breeze near the end of the match. We had three new shooters, the Nuckols brothers from Los Osos, Axel and Ty. Also, airgun shooter John Bergquist trying his first field target match. We squaded the newcomers with some veterans so that they could get some expert tutelage. I along with Ty's father, Chris, kept 6 year old Ty focused on the game and he did very well as our youngest competitor. His brother Axel was squaded with Alan and John Bergquist was squaded with Art. Axels 21/48 and Johns 25/48 are great scores for first time competitors in field target.

Art and Alan tied for high score among PCP shooters but Alan said that he had the home course advantage so conceded the 1st place award to Art who shot the best match. After one full year of Morro Bay Airgunner's matches, Art's and Alan's 44/48 are the best scores shot so far in our monthly 48 shot matches. Jim and Vince tied for 3rd at 38/48 but Vince had other immediate business so no shootoff. The 3rd place award went to Jim.

I shot my Diana 54 for the first time in a match. I guess I worked some of the bugs out because it mostly held POI and I ended up high Piston shooter leaving my arch-rival Jeff Carmello a distant second.

Art and Alan:

Camp site:

Some site-in time:

WOW! My Diana 54 is ready. JSB 8.44 at 50 yards, w/3-5mph left to right wind.:

Alan instructs Axel and Ty:

Saturday evening, prematch BBQ:

Campers at breakfast just before match:

Site-in range:

Shooter's meeting:

Ready to go:

Ty shooting a Disco:

Axel shooting a Marauder:

John shooting a Challenger:

Jeff shooting a Diana 54:

Jim shooting a USFT:

Difficult (67T) & Easy (16T):

Vince shooting an AA PCP:

Down the course:

Top PCP shooters & Axel on left. Jim (3rd place), Art (1st place), Alan (2nd place):

Top Piston shooters (only Piston shooters). Scott (1st place), (Jeff 2nd place):

Brothers, Axel and Ty - great boys!: