Morro Bay Airgunners/SLSBA

2016 West Coast Piston Championships
Springer/Piston Field Target

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PlaceNameRifleScopePelletDay 1Day 2ScoreRate
1Hull, ScottShanghai Air Guns QB58UTG 6-24x50H&N 8.5gr5746103/12085.8%
2Hawe, KellyWeihrauch HW 97Hawke 8-32x56JSB 10.34gr5149100/12083.3%
3Lu, SonAir Arms TX200Sightron 10-50xJSB 7.87gr504494/12078.3%
4Weidert, MarkWeihrauch HW 97KClearidge 6-20x40JSB 8.44gr484088/12073.3%
5Carmello, JeffDiana 54CenterPoint 4-16x40JSB 10.34gr503888/12073.3%
6Cyran, JimAir Arms TX200Optisan 3-12x44H&N 8.62gr484088/12073.3%
7Schneider, ScottAir Arms TX200 MK IIIHawke 8-32x56H&N 8.64gr453883/12069.2%
8Pacheco, VinceAir Arms TX200Burris 8-32xJSB 8.44gr414182/12068.3%
9Eannetta, TerryWeihrauch HW 97Sightmark 10-40xJSB 8.44gr463278/12065.0%
10Duckett, MikeAir Arms TX200 MK IIIMillet 4-16xJSB 8.44gr403676/12063.3%
10Poh, JimAir Arms TX200Sightron 10-50xJSB 7.87gr463076/12063.3%
12Durham, LarryWeihrauch HW 77UTG 4-16x44???403575/12062.5%
13Knapp, JohnAir Arms TX200 MK IIIHawke 3-12x50JSB 8.44gr393372/12060.0%
14Jobbes, RonAir Arms TX200Bushnell 32xJSB 8.44gr442771/12059.2%
15Bigelow, LouisWalther LGUUTG 3-12x44AA 10.3gr383068/12056.7%
16Smith, LonnieWeihrauch HW 97Simmons 6.5-20x50JSB412566/12055.0%
17Burns, WayneDiana 36UTG 3-12x44AA 7.87gr382765/12054.2%
18Taylor, DarrenXisico B40HawkeH&N 8.62gr312758/12048.3%
19Hull, Alan HaroldWeihrauch HW 50UTG 6-24x50CPL 7.9gr312152/12043.3%
20Bergiel, FredAir Arms TX200 MK IIIHawke 3-12x50CPL 7.9gr45-45/6075.0%
21Ziegler, JimFeinwerkbau 124BushnellJSB 7.87gr301444/12036.7%
22Ebersole, RandyDiana 36UTG 3-9x32AA 7.87gr241741/12034.2%
23Sumner, JacobBenjamin Trail NPUTG 4-16x50JSB 10.34gr30636/12030.0%
24Bergquist, JohnDiana 54SWFA 20xJSB 10.34gr-2626/6043.3%
25Howard, JasonDiana 34UTG 3-12x44H&N 8.62gr4913/12010.8%

 photo 100_3437.jpg
Basic Break Barrel
PlaceNameRifleScopePelletDay 1Day 2ScoreRate
1Burns, WayneDiana 36UTG 3-12x44AA 7.87gr382765/12054.2%
2Hull, Alan HaroldWeihrauch HW 50UTG 6-24x50CPL 7.9gr312152/12043.3%
3Ziegler, JimFeinwerkbau 124BushnellJSB 7.87gr301444/12036.7%
4Ebersole, RandyDiana 36UTG 3-9x32AA 7.87gr241741/12034.2%
5Sumner, JacobBenjamin Trail NPUTG 4-16x50JSB 10.34gr30636/12030.0%
6Howard, JasonDiana 34UTG 3-12x44H&N 8.62gr4913/12010.8%

PlaceNameRifleScopePelletDay 1Day 2ScoreRate
1Cyran, JimAir Arms TX200Optisan 3-12x44H&N 8.62gr484088/12073.3%
2Duckett, MikeAir Arms TX200 MK IIIMillet 4-16xJSB 8.44gr403676/12063.3%
3Durham, LarryWeihrauch HW 77UTG 4-16x44???403575/12062.5%
4Knapp, JohnAir Arms TX200 MK IIIHawke 3-12x50JSB 8.44gr393372/12060.0%
5Jobbes, RonAir Arms TX200Bushnell 32xJSB 8.44gr442771/12059.2%
6Burns, WayneDiana 36UTG 3-12x44AA 7.87gr382765/12054.2%
7Bergiel, FredAir Arms TX200 MK IIIHawke 3-12x50CPL 7.9gr45-45/6075.0%
8Ziegler, JimFeinwerkbau 124BushnellJSB 7.87gr301444/12036.7%

Match director: Scott Hull
Assistant match directors: Alan Harold Hull, Bob Sloan

The 1st annual West Coast Piston Field Target Championships were held this last weekend on the SLSBA/Morro Bay Airgunner field target course. Weather was sunny and in the 70's for the entire weekend. This was to be a springer/piston-only match with the hopes that the FT community would break out their break barrels, side-levers, under-levers - any springer or nitro piston gun, for a fun weekend of field target. 25 competitors took up the challenge, making it the biggest gathering of USA piston field target shooters in the last 10 years.

Saturday's course was set with all full size kill zones (40mm), giving the basic break barrel shooters, and new shooters a chance to hit a few more targets. But we still had the positionals and a good number of 45+ yards targets to challenge everyone. On Saturday, we were blessed with unusually light winds and some great scores. I cleaned the offhand lane (only my 3rd or 4th time ever) and did well on the long shots to end the day with 57/60, followed by Kelly Hawe with 51/60, Jeff Carmello and Son Lu with 50/60, and Jim Cyran and Mark Weidert with 48/60.

Sunday's course was significantly more difficult with almost half of the targets ranging from 1/2" to 1-1/8". And the winds were back to the normal 6-12mph by late morning. Everyone was squaded by scores with their next closest competitor. Every squad is like a one-on-one match within itself. I was squaded with Kelly Hawe as he closed the gap in the last few difficult lanes. He had just cleaned the previous four lanes during the windiest time of the match, on some of the farthest targets. Going into the last lane, he was down by one point. I had missed 6 shots on the previous four lanes and knew I would lose the lead if I did not do better. I normally shoot JSB heavies in my 20fpe guns, but was shooting 8.5gr in my QB58 and was not doing well in the strong winds. I knew if I cleaned that last lane, I would sew up the win. I knocked down the closer target (not that close as it was over 40 yards) both times. I got brave on the far target and held off more than usual (just off the faceplate). Bounced off at 3 o'clock. Good elevation but held off too much. I aimed an inch outside the kz and knocked it down on my last shot. That's how I like to end. But I had left an opening for Kelly. He had cleaned the previous four lanes. If he could do the same on this last lane, then it would be a tie. The wind got him three times. It was a great match-up for Kelly and me.

There were other duels going on throughout the day. Son Lu pulled comfortably ahead of Jeff Carmello to get third. Jeff would later join in a shoot-off with Jim Cyran and Mark Weidert to decide fourth and fifth place. Jim and Mark had started the day even at 48 each and ended even. I can only divine from the score cards the good competition going on, but that is one of my favorite parts of a match. Good competition among all. The shoot-off for third and fourth was decided by 1/10 scale silhouette banks, shot offhand. Jim was eliminated on the first bank of chickens. Jeff and Mark advanced to the pigs where Mark prevailed with 3 out of 5.

We had six competitors also competing in the BBB (Basic Break Barrel) sub-class. It's a mini-match within the main match. All were competing in the main match, but were also in contention for the BBB trophy. They were shooting with the added challenge of using a factory stocked break barrel, with fixed power, non-AO scope (or simulated non-AO). No scope adjustments during the match. Wayne Burns won that award by hitting better than 50% with his Diana 36. Not bad!

Of our eight seniors (65+), Jim Cyran won the top honors which was well deserved after narrowly missing out on the 5th place overall trophy. At future events, we'd also like to give out the high junior and high lady awards. We had no takers at this match.

Hector Alfaro from the CASA club donated a $50 gift certificate and 1 year NRA membership to the winner of a shoot-off between first and second place overall, whether needed or not. After besting me on the course that day, Kelly also beat me in the shoot-off getting me in the first bank of chickens by hitting 2 out of 5.

This two day piston-only match is something that I had been been considering for some time. I think that we got off to a good start, so I plan on putting on the match again next year. There will be a few changes. Number one might be a change to a summer time slot. The spring green is pretty but a lot of people got kicked by this peak allergy time. The summer weather is much better. The dry vegetation in the summer might be a small price to pay for clear heads. The warmer summer nights will also be appreciated by those of us that camp out. Our club is hosting the 2016 Western States AAFTA Grand Prix match, currently held in August. I put the word out that I'm looking to hand off the Western States AAFTA Grand Prix match to another club for 2017. At which point it will move to some other month. The plan is to hold the 2017 West Coast Piston championships in August.

Thanks to all who attended and competed. Don't forget to sign up for the Western States match this coming August. Early registration discount ends July 9th (PCP guns are welcome!).

Enjoy the pictures from the 2016 West Coast Piston Championships:

More match pictures (from iPhone):