Morro Bay Airgunners/SLSBA

Central Coast Field Target
Match Results 03/15/2015

1Hull, ScottOpenDiana 54UTG 6-24x50AA 10.34gr35/4872.9%
2Carmello, JeffHunterDiana 54CenterPoint 4-16x40JSB 10.34gr31/4864.6%
3Knapp, JohnHunterAir Arms TX200UTG 4-12x50JSB 10.34gr20/4841.7%
4Bigelow, LouisHunterRWS 52UTG 3-12x44AA 10.34gr14/4829.2%

1Pittman, AdamHunterDaystate MK IIIHawke 6-24x44JSB 10.34gr36/4875.0%
2Pacheco, VinceOpenAir Arms SM100BSA 10-50xJSB 7.87gr34/4870.8%
3Bergquist, JohnFreestyleCrosman ChallengerHawke 8-32x56JSB 10.34gr31/4866.6%
4Hull, Alan HaroldWFTFBenjamin DiscoveryUTG 6-24x50CPL 7.9gr30/4862.5%
5English, ScottFreestyleHamerli PnuemaUTG 3-12x44JSB 10.34gr29/4860.4%
6Wagoner, RandyFreestyleAir Arms S200Hawke 6-24x50JSB 14.34gr26/4854.2%
7Thurber, DaveHunterAir Force Talon SSHawke AirMaxJSB 13.4gr22/4845.8%
8Pittman, DustinHunterBenjamin DiscoveryUTG 6-24x56H&N 10.65gr16/4833.3%

Match director: Scott Hull

We had good weather. A little on the warm side for us. Besides the usual out of town shooters, Louis Bigelow from Southern California was shooting on our course for the first time. The course was set with quite a few long shots in the 48-55 yard range. We still had a few close, tiny shots. The first hour was very calm and spirits were high. The winds picked up half way through the match to give us some humility. We had a decent turnout with 12 competitors (4 Piston and 8 Pre-charge). I had the high Piston score with 35/48 and Adam Pittman had the overall high match score of 36/48 shooting Pre-charge.

The group shot:

Our next scheduled Field Target match is April 19, 2015. Free camping Saturday night for competitors. The range will open Saturday afternoon for campers. There should be some practice time late Saturday afternoon. There will be a BBQ Saturday eveing at the range. The match will be a 48 shot match starting Sunday morning at the usual time. There will be awards for 1st thru 3rd in Piston and PCP.