Morro Bay Airgunners/SLSBA

IHMSA Match Results 09/06/2015

Air Pistol
*Sloan, BobSBeeman 850.17717/40AA
*Baldwin, WilliamSSPA CP1-M.1775/40B
*Hull, Alan HaroldUS1720T.17720/40A
*Woodworth, DanUSSPA CP1-M.17719/40A
*Bergquist, JohnUSSPA CP1-M.17715/40A
*Christian, NathanUS1720T.17710/40B
Hull, ScottUASBenjamin XPROD.17737/40INT
*Sloan, BobUASLD.17728/40AA

*non-member (IHMSA)

My CP1-M CO2 pistol developed valve lock in the sun. DNF. Then I let the air pressure in the XPROD fall to 400psi before three misses made me realize there was a problem.