Morro Bay Airgunners/SLSBA

IHMSA Match Results 07/05/2015

Air Pistol
S*Sloan, BobBeeman 850.17715AA
S*Sloan, BobBeeman 850.17725re-entry
S*Baldwin, WilliamIZH.1779A
US*Baldwin, WilliamCrosman 2240.225(B)
SHull, ScottIZH.17710(A)
UASHull, ScottBenjamin-xprod.17740INT

Small Bore
UASHull, ScottTC Contender.2237(AAA)
UASFSHull, ScottTC Contender.2231(AA)

*non-member (IHMSA)
(Class) - new classification

Match director: Scott Hull

The weather was comfortable with moderate winds. The air pistol range is well protected. Bob shot well in the standing class, especially on the re-entry. The small bore range had some stronger winds that may have cost me a couple of points. I also made mistakes (shot wrong target). I'm still getting use to shooting this small bore pistol. I've got the hold overs fairly close. I shot the small bore match in order to qualify for the the upcoming IHMSA World Championships (next week). Our next air rifle and air pistol silhouette matches are scheduled for Sunday, August 2nd, 2015.