Morro Bay Airgunners/SLSBA

IHMSA Match Results 06/07/2015

Air Pistol
S*Sloan, BobBeeman 850.17721AA
S*Baldwin, WilliamCrosman 2240.228A
S*Street, DaveCrosman 2240.222B
S*Dunning, GaryMarksman 2004.1772B
USHull, ScottBenjamin-xprod.17722AA
US*Bergquist, JohnCrosman 2240.224B
P*Sloan, BobBeeman 850.17719A
P*Dunning, GaryMarksman 2004.1777C
UASHull, ScottBenjamin-xprod.17740INT
UAS*Bergquist, JohnCrosman 2240.2213AA
*non-member (IHMSA)
**Class - all new pistol silhouette shooters. Class established by this first score.

Match director: Scott Hull

The weather was comfortable with moderate winds. We had six shooters turnout for our first air pistol silhouette match. All shooters are regular rifle silhouette shooters but are new to air pistol silhouette. As a new IHMSA member and match director, I decided to adhere to IHMSA catogories and rules. A couple of us (John and I) shot scoped pistols. We all had a good time and learned a lot. Our next air rifle and air pistol matches are scheduled for Sunday, July 5th, 2015.

William shooting:

John shooting: