Morro Bay Airgunners/SLSBA
2019 West Coast AAFTA GP Points Match

Results/Match Report/Pictures

Overall Pistol
1Marquez, RizaldeLimitedSteyr LP1 RizzynatorSuper Sniper 10xJSB 8.4gr@745fps38/40
2Kerndt, CameronLimitedBeeman AR2079PHawke 3-12x50AA 10.3gr@715fps37/40
3Ebersole, RandyHunterCrosman 1720TUTG 3-12x44AA 8.4gr@80031/40
4Hull, ScottLimitedBenjamin MarauderUTG 3-12x44AA 10.3gr@720fps29/40
4Schneider, ScottHunterBSA ScorpionMTC 4-12x32H&N 8.5gr@780fps29/40
6Knapp, JohnHunterCrosman 1720THawke 3-12x50JSB 8.44gr@715fps24/40
7Kerndt, JessicaHunterCrosman 1720THawke 3-12x50AA 10.3gr@710fp23/40
8Corder, DaveLimitedCrosman 1720TUTG 3-12x44JSB 7.87gr@81020/40
9Bagakis, JohnHunterCrosman 1720TUTG 3-12x44JSB 8.44gr16/40
9Pacheco, VinceHunterBenjamin MarauderUTG 3-12x44AA 10.3gr@715fps16/40
11White, FrankHunterCrosman 1720THawke 3-12xJSB 7.33gr@840fpsgr13/40

Overall Rifle
PlaceNameDivisionClassRifleScopePelletDay 1Day 2Score
1Hawe, KellyOpenPre-chargeDaystate CR97BSA 10-50x60JSB 10.34gr@880fps38/4055/6093/100
2Cyran, JimHunterPre-chargeSteyr LG100S&B 5-25x56JSB 13.7gr@795fps38/4054/6092/100
2Whittlesey, JimOpenPre-chargeThomas Carbine #1Nikko 10-50x60JSB 13.43gr@818fps38/4054/6092/100
4Hull, ScottOpenPre-chargeDiana SkyhawkMonstrum 6-24x50AA 10.3gr@920fps34/4054/6088/100
5Lu, SonWFTFPre-chargeSteyr LG110Kahles 10-50x60JSB 8.4gr@77735/4052/6087/100
6Bagakis, JohnHunterPre-chargeDiana OutlawHawke 8-32x56JSB 10.34gr@900fps34/4052/6086/100
7Lovitt, ChrisHunterPre-chargeBenjamin MarauderSightron 10-50x60JSB 13.43gr@800fps34/4051/6085/100
8Ebersole, RandyWFTFPre-chargeUSFT #44Sightron 10-50x60AA 8.4gr@80031/4052/6083/100
8Marquez, RizWFTFPre-chargeSteyr LG110Sightron 10-50x60JSB 8.4gr@78533/4050/6083/100
10Corder, DavidWFTFPre-chargeSteyr LG110Sightron 10-50x60JSB 7.87gr@81031/4050/6081/100
10Kerndt, CameronWFTFPistonWeihrauch HW97KTac Vector 10-40x50AA 8.6gr@775fps33/4048/6081/100
10Kerndt, JessicaWFTFPistonWeihrauch HW97KHawke 10-50x60AA 7.9gr@820fps35/4046/6081/100
10Starr, TonyHunterPre-chargeWeihrauch HW100Athlon Midas 6-24x50JSB 10.3gr@900fps33/4048/6081/100
14Durham, LarryHunterPre-chargeUSFTAthlon Argos 6-24x50JSB 10.34gr@890fps31/4048/6079/100
14Knapp, JohnHunterPre-chargeRAW TM1000Hawke 8-32x56JSB 10.34gr@890fps33/4046/6079/100
16Merrit, ChrisOpenPre-chargeUSFT #27Leupold 35x CompetitionAA 10.3@900fps29/4049/6078/100
17Burciaga, ArtFreestylePre-chargeRAW HM1000Hawke 8-32x56JSB 10.34@865fps30/4045/6075/100
18Schneider, ScottWFTFPre-chargeRAW TM-1000Tac Vector 10-40x50JSB 10.3gr@705fps27/4046/6073/100
19Kidd, RobertWFTFPistonWeihrauch HW97Sightron SIII 10-50H&N 8.64@770fps30/4041/6071/100
20Eannetta, TerryOpenPre-chargeBenjamin MarauderSightron SIIIJSB 13.4gr@810fps24/4042/6066/100
21Rowling, ConradHunterPre-chargeAir Arms HFT500Athlon 4-14x44JSB 13.4gr@785fps29/4033/6062/100
22Pacheco, VinceOpenPistonAir Arms TX200Nikko 10-50x60AA 8.4gr@795fps23/4035/6060/100
23Poh, JimWFTFPistonAir Arms TX200Hawke 10-50x60AA 8.44gr@710fps27/4031/6058/100
24Bergquist, JohnOpenPre-chargeRAW TM1000Sightron 10-50x60JSB 10.34gr@900-47/6047/60
24White, FrankHunterPre-chargeBenjamin MarauderHawke 4.5-14x42AA 10.3gr@894fps22/4025/6047/100
26Starr, NickHunterPre-chargeWeihrauch HW100Athlon Midas 6-24x50JSB 10.3gr@900fps11/4029/6040/100
27Biergiel, FredHunterPre-chargeDaystate Mark IVHawke 4-16x50JSB 10.34gr@848fps30/40-30/40

AAFTA Awards - Hunter Pistol
1Ebersole, RandyCrosman 1720TUTG 3-12x44AA 8.4gr@80031/40
2Schneider, ScottBSA ScorpionMTC 4-12x32H&N 8.5gr@780fps29/40
3Knapp, JohnCrosman 1720THawke 3-12x50JSB 8.44gr@715fps24/40
4Kerndt, JessicaCrosman 1720THawke 3-12x50AA 10.3gr@710fp23/40
5Bagakis, JohnCrosman 1720TUTG 3-12x44JSB 8.44gr16/40
5Pacheco, VinceBenjamin MarauderUTG 3-12x44AA 10.3gr@715fps16/40
7White, FrankCrosman 1720THawke 3-12xJSB 7.33gr@840fpsgr13/40

AAFTA Awards - Limited Pistol
1Marquez, RizaldeSteyr LP1 RizzynatorSuper Sniper 10xJSB 8.4gr@745fps38/40
2Kerndt, CameronBeeman AR2079PHawke 3-12x50AA 10.3gr@715fps37/40
3Hull, ScottBenjamin MarauderUTG 3-12x44AA 10.3gr@720fps29/40
4Corder, DaveCrosman 1720TUTG 3-12x44JSB 7.87gr@81020/40

AAFTA Awards - Hunter
PlaceNameRifleScopePelletDay 1Day 2Score
1Cyran, JimSteyr LG100S&B 5-25x56JSB 13.7gr@795fps38/4054/6092/100
2Bagakis, JohnDiana OutlawHawke 8-32x56JSB 10.34gr@900fps34/4052/6086/100
3Lovitt, ChrisBenjamin MarauderSightron 10-50x60JSB 13.43gr@800fps34/4051/6085/100
4Starr, TonyWeihrauch HW100Athlon Midas 6-24x50JSB 10.3gr@900fps33/4048/6081/100
5Durham, LarryUSFTAthlon Argos 6-24x50JSB 10.34gr@890fps31/4048/6079/100
7Knapp, JohnRAW TM1000Hawke 8-32x56JSB 10.34gr@890fps33/4046/6079/100
8Rowling, ConradAir Arms HFT500Athlon 4-14x44JSB 13.4gr@785fps29/4033/6062/100
9White, FrankBenjamin MarauderHawke 4.5-14x42AA 10.3gr@894fps22/4025/6047/100
10Starr, NickWeihrauch HW100Athlon Midas 6-24x50JSB 10.3gr@900fps11/4029/6040/100
11Biergiel, FredDaystate Mark IVHawke 4-16x50JSB 10.34gr@848fps30/40-30/40

AAFTA Awards - Open
PlaceNameRifleScopePelletDay 1Day 2Score
1Hawe, KellyDaystate CR97BSA 10-50x60JSB 10.34gr@880fps38/4055/6093/100
2Whittlesey, JimThomas Carbine #1Nikko 10-50x60JSB 13.43gr@818fps38/4054/6092/100
3Hull, ScottDiana SkyhawkMonstrum 6-24x50AA 10.3gr@920fps34/4054/6088/100
4Merrit, ChrisUSFT #27Leupold 35x CompetitionAA 10.3@900fps29/4049/6078/100
5Eannetta, TerryBenjamin MarauderSightron SIIIJSB 13.4gr@810fps24/4042/6066/100
6Pacheco, VinceAir Arms TX200Nikko 10-50x60AA 8.4gr@795fps23/4035/6060/100
7Bergquist, JohnRAW TM1000Sightron 10-50x60JSB 10.34gr@900-47/6047/60

AAFTA Awards - WFTF Piston
PlaceNameRifleScopePelletDay 1Day 2Score
1Kerndt, JessicaWeihrauch HW97KHawke 10-50x60AA 7.9gr@820fps35/4046/6081/100
2Kerndt, CameronWeihrauch HW97KTac Vector 10-40x50AA 8.6gr@775fps33/4048/6081/100
3Kidd, RobertWeihrauch HW97Sightron SIII 10-50H&N 8.64@770fps30/4041/6071/100

AAFTA Awards - WFTF Pre-charge
PlaceNameRifleScopePelletDay 1Day 2Score
1Lu, SonSteyr LG110Kahles 10-50x60JSB 8.4gr@77735/4052/6087/100
2Ebersole, RandyUSFT #44Sightron 10-50x60AA 8.4gr@80031/4052/6083/100
3Marquez, RizSteyr LG110Sightron 10-50x60JSB 8.4gr@78533/4050/6083/100
4Corder, DavidSteyr LG110Sightron 10-50x60JSB 7.87gr@81031/4050/6081/100
5Schneider, ScottRAW TM-1000Tac Vector 10-40x50JSB 10.3gr@705fps27/4046/6073/100

Freestyle Award
PlaceNameRifleScopePelletDay 1Day 2Score
1Burciaga, ArtRAW HM1000Hawke 8-32x56JSB 10.34@865fps30/4045/6075/100

The Morro Bay Airgunners held their 2019 AAFTA GP Field Target Match over the 4th weekend in April. It's a good time of the year for a match as we still have some green foliage and the bugs are not yet prevalent.

The first round of the rifle match was Saturday morning. We had overcast skies and very little wind. At the end of the day, Jim Cyran set himself up with a 4 point lead in the heavily contested Hunter Division. Kelly Hawe and Jim Whittlesey matched Jim's score to setup a close contest in Open Division. Jessica Kerndt finished day 1 leading the WFTF Piston class by one point. There would be some good contests in the Sunday finale.

Lunch was served and the contestants got a couple hour break before the pistol match. Skies had mostly cleared and the wind had picked up a lot. Randy Ebersole ended with a two point win over second place Scott Schneider in the Hunter Division. In the Limited Division, Cameron Kerndt and Riz Marquez were neck and neck to the last lane which ended up being the standing shots. Cameron shot well but missed a one to give Riz an opening. Riz needed to clean the lane to win and he did just that. Riz ended up with a 38/40 on the very tough/windy course.

Sundays rifle match brought a repeat of overcast skies and calm winds. Jim Cyran shot a 54/60 on the Sunday round to extend his lead and win the Hunter Division. In the Open Division, it came down to the last standing lane when Kelly Hawe had a trigger slip and missed the far target. He ended with a 55/60. Jim Whittlesey failed to take advantage and missed two on that lane and ended up in second in Open Division and a 54/60 for the day.

After lunch we totaled the scores and ended up with two shootoffs. Son Lu won the WFTF PCP class but there was a tie for 2nd. Randy Ebersole bested Riz Marquez in that shootoff. There was also a shootoff between Jessica and Cameron Kerndt for 1st place in WFTF Piston. Jessica won!

It was a long weekend and a lot of work. I appreciated all the help setting up and taking down the courses.

Link to Conrad Rowlings match photos

Link to more match photos